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Splitting or Dividing a Territory

At times a territory may need to be split or divided into two or more territories for the assignment to be more reasonable for a publisher to cover thoroughly.

Splitting a territory can be accomplished by editing the existing territory outline to be the desired outline of one of the new territories. To see how to edit a territory's outline, take a look at the Edit a Territory Outline guide.

Once the territory has been edited to the desired outline, create a new territory to fill the remaining area the original territory covered. To see how to draw a new territory outline, take a look at the Drawing Territories guide.

Once the new territories have been created, revisit the original territory's Edit Details page and migrate any notes or locations to the new territory.

Locations can easily be moved to another territory by selecting the desired locations and clicking the modify selected button as shown in the image below.
While viewing the modify selected dialog, simply select the territory you would like to move the locations to and click the save button as shown in the image below.