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Territory Properties

Various details about the territory can be changed at any time. These changes will take effect immediately and will be visible throughout the application.

Changing a territory's properties is done on the Territories page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

While in edit mode either right-click (or ctrl+click) a territory orclick the context menu button on a territory to bring up the context menu. With the context menu open, click the properties menu option as depicted below.

The territory's property dialog will be shown similar to the example shown below. Here many of the territory's properties can be changed and then saved.


The number is the given territory number for that territory. A territory of the same territory type cannot have the same number.


The type is the territory type. This can be changed at any time and all information associated with the current territory will be moved to the new territory type.


The label is a way to give your territory a short description or title. The label is shown on the territory map and throughout the application as a way to quickly identify the territory by something other than its number.


The territory tags are a list of tags associated with the territory. More information about territory tags can be found in the Territory Tags guide.


The image is an image complement to the territory for publishers to use in assistance to the territory map. More information about territory images can be found in the Territory Image guide.


The notes is an open text field for any details about the territory. The notes property can even be used for storing information such as a list of phone numbers for phone witnessing.