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Snap a Territory Outline to the Road

Editing a territory's shape is done specifically in the Territories page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

Select the territory you would like to edit by clicking on it. It will look like the territory below if the territory is not locked.

Snapping to the Road

It's clearly seen that the territory runs far off from the road and would normally require some work to adjust its shape to follow the roads. Right-clicking (or ctrl+click) the semi-transparent white circle handle as highlighted below will provide access to the snap to road functionality.
You will now be provided with a red-dashed line which is a preview of the new territory boundary.

Clicking on Snap to Road in the context menu will apply the procedure. Clicking outside the menu will close the menu and cancel the snap to road procedure.

Accepting the change will update your territory outline just as depicted in the image below.