A little information on Territory Helper and what it's all about
About Territory Helper

What is Territory Helper?

Territory Helper is pretty much exactly what its name implies - it helps servants responsible for their congregation's territories and maybe a tiny bit more.

It's a use web application that creates a uniform platform to create, manage and analyze a congregation's territories. Territory Helper is the first application specifically designed for territories, eliminating the use of expensive mapping software, or even worse, paper and scissors.

Why web based?

There are a number of reasons why web is brilliant for applications. Web based applications allow the clients, namely you, to run on whatever operating system you want. Territory Helper is also intended for global use. Not every country has access to fast computers capable of storing and processing all of the data a congregation is generating.

The maps are all built on numerious web based map providers. This allows a huge array of device support for unified map viewing and editing. Another great benefit to it being web based is that the information can be shared between the entire congregation and you never have to worry about synchronizing the data.

Background information

It has been noted that there is much frustration around trying to get existing software to fit the purposes of territory creation.
Quickly it was realized everyone was dealing with the same problems. Some have been trying trip-planning software, some trying web based mapping software and still others resorting to good old paper and scissors.
Then an idea popped up, "Why not make an application?"