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Drawing Territories

Drawing territories is done specifically in the Territories page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

Drawing a Polygon

Most territories you are going to create will be a polygon. The circle and rectangle tool are also available but are drawn in a similar manner to polygons.

Select the polygon tool from the drawing tools menu as shown below.
Click with your precision pointer anywhere on the map where you would like to begin drawing your territory.

You can zoom in and zoom out with your mouse wheel. Clicking and holding your mouse wheel lets you drag your map around while drawing a territory.

Outline your territory as depicted below. Each mouse click is highlighted in the illustration.
To complete your territory simply connect the two ends of your polygon as illustrated below.

Completed Territory

Your territory should now take shape. It will automatically number your territory using the next available number as shown below.
Congratulations! Now you know how to draw a territory. You can freely manipulate the shape of your territory at any time. To see how, check out the Edit Territory tutorial.