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Territory Notes

The territory notes field is a rich text field allowing for the entry of formatted notes and instructions to accompany a territory. The notes field can be accessed and edited on the Territory Edit Details page.

The notes field supports the majority of the functionality would be found in a word processor along with the ability to enter and manage data tables. You can even paste existing Word documents and Excel sheets into the notes field as shown below.
Additionally you can add images and links into the notes field using the image tool and the link tool as shown below.
Publishers can also make suggested changes to the territory notes. These changes will show up in the Territory Edit Details page for assistants and administrators to approve.

The suggested changes, along with the original notes, and a comparison tool are provided to quickly and easily approve or reject the suggested changes as shown in the image below. Once reviewing the suggested changes the administrator can either revert the changes back to their original or approve them so the rest of the congregation can see the changes.