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Territory Image

The territory image is intended as a complement to the territory but can also be used as the territory map entirely if chosen to do so.

To upload or change the territory image open the territory properties. Opening a territory's properties is done on the Territories page. If you are not sure how to access the territory's properties, take a look at the Territory Properties guide.

Upload the image you would like to use by selecting it from your computer and then clicking the upload button as shown below. Only JPEG and PNG image formats are accepted.
Once the image is uploaded a thumbnail of the image will be shown within the properties dialog. This image can be deleted at any time by clicking the delete button as depicted in the image below. If you would like to change the image, the previous image must be deleted first.
After the image has been saved, the uploaded territory image will be shown both when viewing the territory individually and when printing the territory. An example of the image being displayed on the individual territory view is shown below.