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Recommended Usage

Territory creation and management within each congregation can be handled very different depending on the congregation's needs and the needs of the territories. We have compiled a general recommended usage guide for territory management based on feedback from the majority of congregations using Territory Helper and the methods they have found best to fulfill their congregation's territory needs.

Kingdom Hall Equipment

Territory Helper can be used on any device that supports a modern web browser. There is no wrong way to use Territory Helper within your congregation.

Many congregations have found it helpful to handle territory assignments and printing from a small tablet or laptop at the Kingdom Hall. A printer located at the Kingdom Hall that can be wirelessly accessed to print assignments is also recommended. If your congregation would like to display their territories at the Kingdom Hall please visit the Congregation Wall Map documentation page.


Its recommended to split territories into specific types. Often congregations will create types for rural, city, business and letter writing territories. Other congregations have found it helpful to create types based on the area the territory belongs to.

Territories should be simply numbered avoiding the usage of letters and sub-numbering. Territory numbering in the traditional sense was the only way to identify a territory. This is not the case with Territory Helper, territories can have labels and tags which provide much easier and descriptive ways to find the territory you are looking for.

Handling Assignments

The Assignments page does provide the traditional listing of all of your territory assignments in a similar format as the S-13 form. Territory Helper does compile your territory assignment data real time for statistical analysis for your congregation to thoroughly cover your territories.

It is recommended that the territory assignments are done through the Dashboard to ensure your next assigned territory is your congregation's least worked territory.

You may also find the Territories page helpful with the use of the Heat Maps to see which territories are being worked the least.


For most congregations printing is becoming more and more obsolete and your publishers will find that the digital territories to be the most useful, especially as we regularly use our devices in the ministry.

Still, many publishers will want a printed version of their territory assignment. It is recommended that the assignment is printed when assigned on full Letter or A4 sized paper. The print will include the assignment information, the due date, directions and other notes specific for that publisher's assignment.

Printing when assigned allows the publisher to use the paper as a worksheet and no longer requires territory servants to keep track and reprint lost territories.

Publisher Accounts

Its recommended each publisher be assigned an email address if available so they have access to their territory assignments for viewing and printing, receive notifications on the assignment, and can request territories directly from Territory Helper.

Circuit Overseer Visits

Providing your Circuit Overseer with the statistics from the dashboard is typically all of the information they need to see in order to see how your congregation is covering their territories. If your C.O. would like the printed S-13 form, this can be retrieved via the Import/Exports page.