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Territory Collaboration

Thoroughly working your territory is of the highest priority, and one of the best ways to do so is by making use of the built-in location collaboration system.
By adding locations to your territory, publishers in your congregation will be able to make use of them when they work the same territory in the future.

Adding a Location

You must first be logged in to add a location. Once logged in, simply click the Map Options button to toggle to the edit mode as depicted in the picture below.
Once you have gone into edit mode you can then mark where the location is on the map with the draw tool as shown in the picture below.
There are various location types to choose from, from a regular house, to an apartment complex, office, or even a truck stop.

Confirming the Created Location

Once you have marked where the location is on the map a creation dialog will appear as shown in the picture below.


After making sure the location details are correct, save the location and the location will then be added for your entire congregation!
The location will appear in the list as shown in the image below and available to your congregation in both digital and print formats once approved by your congregation's territory servants.

Apartment Complexes and Units

A location may be made up of units where many addresses are within one building. This is where units can be used and added to mark and keep track of these addresses as well.

Simply click the add unit button as shown in the image below to add a unit to the location.