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Merging Congregations

At times congregations may find themselves in a situation where they need to merge their territories, publishers, assignment records with another congregation.

This process can be done quickly and easily from the Import/Export page.

The merging process is especially easily if both congregations use Territory Helper. If one congregation does not use Territory Helper, the process can still be done, but will require a some manual work to manipulate the donor congregation's data to match the file structure as provided in each import's sample template.

Start by exporting your territories by following the Territory Export guide.

Once complete, take the exported file and import it into the receiving congregation by following the Territory Import guide.

After the territories have successfully been imported the remaining congregation data can now be imported.

Begin by exporting the donor congregation's publishers, assignments and locations from the Excel export section of the Import/Export page.

Once the exports are complete, import the files into the receiving congregation's Excel imports in the order of 1: Publishers, 2: Assignments, and finally 3: Locations.

Congratulations, the congregations are now merged!