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Location Properties

Various details about a Location can be changed at any time. These changes will take effect immediately and will be visible throughout the the application.

Changing a Location's properties is done on the Territory Edit page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

To view or change a Location's properties, right-click (or ctrl+click) on the marker found on the map. A context menu will appear for the marker where the properties option can be selected as shown in the image below.


The territory the Location is associated with.

When creating a Location, the territory will be automatically filled in based on the current territory.

Location type

The Location type. There can be a variety of location types including houses, apartments, businesses, and many more.


The building number. The number will be shown as a label under the marker displayed on the map.


The formatted address displayed for the Location.


The street name the Location resides on. Locations on the same street will appear together on the print and individual territory page.


The city in which the Location resides.