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Import Locations

While it is possible to add Locations directly to the territory, there may be instances where an import of locations is necessary and critical to saving time.

Imports are done from the Import/Export page. Each import offers a sample that can be downloaded to model your import.

The territories associated with the locations must exist before import.

It is highly recommended that each field is completed in the import excel worksheet. Addresses around the world are formatted differently and cannot be simply parsed for the individual house number, street, city, etc. Many places throughout Territory Helper use partial address information to format or display Locations.

If the territory type is not supplied, the import process attempts to match the location purely on the territory number (if it is unique), and using the supplied geographical coordinates to disambiguate where necessary. If both territory type and territory number are missing from the import file, the process attempts to match the location to a territory using just the geographical coordinates.

The import function operates quicker and may result in fewer surprises if you explicitly supply both territory type and number!

There are required fields and fields that are not required.

Required Fields

  • Latitude (Latitudinal coordinate)
  • Longitude (Longitudinal coordinate)
  • Address (The full formatted address)
  • Number (The building number)
  • Street Name (The street name)

Acquiring Latitude/Longitude

Most likely the coordinates of locations are not kept in your personal records. Territory Helper makes use of these coordinates to display the house or do not call on the map of your congregation's territories. Various services can be used to retrieve the coordinates quickly and easily. Some batch reverse geocoding services congregations have found helpful: Note:
Territory Helper cannot do this functionality itself, although we would very much like it to do so. Reverse geocoding is a very expensive operation not available on the scale Territory Helper requires.