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Printing Basics

Printing in Territory Helper is highly customizable in order to best suit your congregation's needs. The print page works as a designer providing real-time cues on how your print will look once you are ready to send it to the printer.

There are a number of options both within the print options section and within the territory map itself. For more information on customizing your territory map take a look at the Territory Map Customization guide.

Print Options

All of the options have real-time impact on your territory. There are many settings, such as page size, orientation, margins, font size, etc. Simply check which options you would like to use to customize your print as shown in the image below.

Saving Options

Pressing the Save as default button will persist all customizations of the current printout and will apply those settings to any future printouts. Saving your configuration can be performed at any time.

Print Layout

The print page shows the exact boundary of your paper, including the print margins. The page dimensions indicated by the solid line are the dimensions of the paper. The page margins indicated by the dashed line are the margins of the paper.

Expanding the contents of your print outside of the paper margins will push the remainder of your printout to a new page. The image below shows the boundaries of your printout. In this example, we would expect the printout to continue onto another page.


When printing your web browser Territory Helper will do its best to configure your printer. There are some settings that may not be set by Territory Helper.

You will want to make sure your printer's paper sizepage layoutmatch the configuration of your Territory Helper print. You will also want to reduce or minimize your printer's margins to provide the closest matching printout as possible.