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Editing and Customizing

Each congregation's needs for managing their territory assignments are unique. Some congregations may cover their territories very quickly and focus more on how thoroughly the territories are worked. Other congregations may have a large number of territories that require more time to work through, they may be more interested in how long territories have been unassigned.

The dashboard can be easily customized to show only the lists and charts relevant to your congregation.

To begin editing your dashboard simply click on the edit button as shown in the image below.
Once in edit mode, you can drag and drop the lists and charts to rearrange them as you see fit as shown in the image below.
Default is what is shown when immedately viewing the dashboard.

Hidden is the lists and charts hidden behind the extra statistics button as shown in the image below.
Archive is the lists and charts completely removed from the dashboard.

Additionally you can change the number of territories or territory types shown by default in each list.

You can easily show all of the territories in a given list by clicking on the view all button at the bottom of each list. This allows you to quickly and easily see the territory assignments that may need attention at first glance.

Setting this number to 0 will show all territories or territory types.