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Overview and Basics

The dashboard is an overview page of your congregation providing real time statistics and information about your congregation's territory assignments.

You must be logged in and have sufficient access rights to view this page. If you would like to read more about roles a publisher has, please take a look at the Publisher Roles guide.

The dashboard also contains four simple graphs to give a quick overview of your congregation. The overview's time frame can be changed by adjusting the time frame as depicted in the image below.

Assigned and Unassigned

The figures represented are simply the total number of territories that are currently assigned in your congregation and the number unassigned. Together they equal the total sum of territories your congregation has.

Worked and Unworked

The figures represented are the total number of territories that are currently worked throughout the chosen time frame. A worked territory is a territory that has been assigned and returned throughout the time frame (unless specified otherwise in your congregation's options).

The dashboard also contains numerous lists of territories for quickly and easily viewing, printing, assigning or returning territories.