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Campaign Overview and Basics

Throughout the year congregations around the world participate in special campaigns. Campaigns are usually worked quite differently than regular territory assignments and done within a specific time period. Territory Helper allows your congregation to create and manage campaigns currently underway, plan for campaigns in the future, and reflect on campaigns completed in the past.

An important basic concept to understand when working with campaigns in Territory Helper is that their assignments are separate from your congregation's regular territory assignments. This means that a territory can be assigned to a publisher for a campaign and as a normal assignment simultaneously. Campaign assignments are not managed or shown in the Assignments page but rather managed exclusively on the Campaign page.

Some congregations may want to include campaign assignments in with their regular territory assignment statistics. This can be done from your Congregation page by selecting the assignment statistics include campaign assignments option.

Your campaign progress can be tracked visually from your Territories page as shown in the image below.
Campaign assignments are always included in the S-13 form export. Each campaign assignment is indicated with a (C) beside the assignment name.