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Assigning Campaign Territories

Assigning campaign territories is similar to assigning normal territory assignments but can be also done in bulk. To begin assigning campaign territories visit your Campaign page.

If you are unfamilar with campaigns in general its recommended that you read the Campaign Overview and Basics guide.

Campaign territories can be assigned individually by clicking the assign button as shown in the image below.
Campaign territories can also be assigned in bulk by selecting the desired territories and then clicking the assigned selected button as shown in the image below.
Assign your campaign territory to the specified publisher from the assignments dialog. You may adjust the date assigned and add notes as desired.

The campaign assignment can now be viewed, printed and managed accordingly as shown in the image below. Campaign assignment territories are different from normal territory assignments and the print and digital territory views will represent this. Clicking the delete button will remove the campaign assignment and the territory will then be ready for a new assignment.
Once a campaign assignment has been worked and completed simply set the complete date by clicking on the completed date field as shown below.
Your campaign progress can be tracked and viewed on your Territories page as shown in the image below.