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Territory View

The territory view is the primary view a publisher will be working with in the ministry. They have access to the map, annotations, the territory image if provided, the shared territory notes and their own personal territory notes.

The map view also displays locations in the given territory. Locations can be added and managed as described in the corresponding documentation.

The map can also be annotated or drawn on as described in the annotation documentation.

Shared notes can be made and suggested just as done on the website. All of the rich formatting and features are available as shown below. Depending on congregation settings, these notes may not be editable.
Personal notes can also be made and have the same functionality as the shared territory notes. Publishers can keep their own personal notes for a territory allowing them to track progress, make comments or whatever they need to note down for a given territory. Territories can also be printed, shared or gotten directions to by using the buttons in the header as shown below.