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Edit and Delete

A territory type may be renamed, changed, or deleted.

Territory type editing is handled on the Territories page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

Territory types have a number of properties and fields, all of which can be changed.


A territory type can be renamed by clicking on the territory type name. A text field will appear in which a new name for the territory type can be entered similar to the image shown below.


A territory type can also be assigned a code by clicking on the code field as shown in the image below. The code is a way to provide a shortened name for your territories, similar to what is done in the Demo. The code will be used anywhere a territory of that type is shown in the application.


The color of a territory type is purely visual and to help easily separate one territory type from another on the map. Changing the color is depicted in the image below.


Deleting a territory type will delete all territories, territory assignments, houses, do not calls, and any other items associated with the territory type. To delete a territory type, simply click on the delete button as depicted in the image below.
All changes made to the territory type will be saved immediately upon completion.