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Publisher Management

Publishers can easily be added, removed and managed within each field service group. To learn more about field service groups visit the Overview and Basics guide. To begin adding publishers to a field service group navigate to the Field Service Group tab and click the add publisher button as shown below.
A dialog will appear where a publisher can be entered along with the role they have in the field service group similar to the image below.
Publishers can then be removed from a field service group at any time by clicking the delete next to their name button as shown in the image below.
There is no limit to the number of overseers, assistants, or publishers in a field service group. The roles of the field service group and their functionality is described below.


The field service group overseer has primary responsibility for all of the assignments. All territory assignments will show in the My Territories page for the overseer. The overseer will be able to view and print the group territories regardless of the congregation settings. They can also return territories for the group. The overseer will also receiveterritory assignment emails when a territory is assigned to the group.


The field service group assistant is essentially the overseer's assistant. The assistant has the same functionality as the overseer but they are not the primary holder of the territory assignments.


The publisher makes up the rest of the group and can assist the group in working the field service group's territory assignments. Publishers cannot return field service group territories and will not receive emails regarding the group's territory assignments. Depending on your congregation settings they may or may not see the group's territories in their My Territories page.