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Map Label Properties

Various details about a Map Label can be changed at any time.

Changing a Map Label's properties is done on the Territory Edit Details page. Switch to edit mode (if you are not sure how to do this check out the View and Edit Basics guide).

To view or change a Map Label properties, right-click (or ctrl+click) on the Map Label found on the map. A context menu will appear for the Map Label where the properties option can be selected as shown in the image below.
After clicking on the properties menu option a properties dialog will open similar to the one in the image below.


The text displayed for the Map Label.


The color of the Map Label text.


The font size of the Map Label.


Whether the Map Label text is bold or not.

Visible at Zoom Level

A zoom level is the level of zoom on the map. A higher zoom level means that the map is zoomed out. A lower zoom level means that the map is zoomed in.

The zoom level will automatically be at the level you are currently at on the map.

Having the zoom level at Always Visible will make the Map Label visible regardless of the zoom level on the map.