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Working Locations

Once locations have been added to a territory as described in the adding locations guide, they can begin to be worked through by publishers.

The below mentioned functionality is only available to congregations not under GDPR regulations.

Recording visits

Recording visits or not at homes can be done by simply clicking on the visit button as shown below. A publisher can quickly record any visits for a given assignment. The visits are directly connected to a territory assignment and do not carry over into other assignments of the same territory.


Locations can be tagged by a publisher. The tags are fully customizable in both name and color as to a publishers preference. A preset of tags is provided but a publisher is encouraged to add their own or delete tags not relevant to them as shown below. Any number of tags can be connected to a location and then easily viewed or searched for in any location listing.


Additional notes or comments can be made for a location as shown below. A publisher may want to record details about the location, placements or any other details relevant to the address.


Clicking on a locations details button as shown below exposes many of the properties for a location such as the address, status and location type. A publisher can change many of the fields depending on congregation settings as shown below.
Units can also be added to a location. As well, directions can be easily retrieved and a publisher can also share any details about a location using the share button as shown below.