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Publisher Roles

A publisher's role or access level within your congregation can be changed in the properties dialog. To learn about editing a publisher and the property dialog for a publisher you can view the Edit a Publisher tutorial.

Adjusting a publisher's role is done by selecting a new role from the role dropdown menu as shown below.
You cannot select a role that has a higher access than your account. The roles are ordered by their level of access. A role with a higher level of access has all of the access rights of the roles above it.


A publisher is the most basic role. A publisher can view their assigned territories, return their territories, change their account information and view, but not edit, the territory map. They can also view the Help Center and contact a servant.


A publisher with advanced access has all the rights of a publisher but can also assign territories. Because they can assign territories they can view the dashboard, and view the assignments page.


An elder has the same access rights as a publisher with advanced access but with the addition of the export functionality in the assignments page. This added access gives an elder the possiblity to utilize a spreadsheet application along with their congregation's statistics.


An overseer receives the same access rights as an elder but designates their role within a congregation for assistants and servants. An overseer could be either a service overseer or a circuit overseer who needs access to the congregation's territory records.


An assistant is essentially a congregation's administrator.

They have access to everything which includes, but is not limited to the creating, editing, and managing of territories. An assistant will be listed as a help contact for all members in the congregation. They also will receive email notifications on activity within a congregation.


The administrator has the highest level of access within a congregation. All administrators within a congregation may receive direct emails from the system administrator regarding important information pertinent to Territory Helper.