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Congregation Wall Map

Most congregations want a way to readily display their territories. This can be a useful tool for the friends to use to be able to see where boundaries are or even help in deciding which territory they would like.

Digital Wall Map

Territory Helper provides a digital version of the "congregation wall map" on your Territories page. This page is designed to be displayed on a TV, monitor, or any device available at your Kingdom Hall. The digital version also allows for the congregation to view the currently assigned territories, heat maps, or even track your campaigns real time.

Printed Wall Map

Some congregations may not have the means to display the digital wall map or would still prefer to use a printed version. This can be done by exporting your territories from the Import and Export page.

Export your congregation's territories in KML format. This file can then be used in many different services. One of the most common services is Google Earth Pro but there are many others available.

Google Earth Pro

Generating your congregation's wall map is very simple with Google Earth Pro.

You can find Google Earth Pro available for download.

Google Earth Pro is now free to use by signing in with your Google username and the password GEPFREE.

Simply take the KML file you saved from Territory Helper and open it in the Google Earth Pro application. The map will automatically adjust to the territories you have imported as shown in the image below.
When you have the looking as you'd like you simply save as an image as shown in the image below or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + S.
Once the image is saved a title can be placed on the map and the image is now ready to be saved to your disk for use in print. It is recommended you first adjust the resolution of the saved image as shown in the image below.

Google Earth Tips

Typically you'll want an aerial view of your congregation's territories. You can adjust the angle of the map by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking and dragging with the mouse to the desired angle.

Google Earth also allows for map styling. Many may not want the satellite view. To change to another view, such as the standard Google Maps view overlays can be added to the current map.

One commonly used overlay is found at Map Overlays. Here the map type Google Maps can be selected and used to mimic the classic map style.